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The Fair Finance Revolution for Small Business

Release Cash trapped in outstanding invoices within 24hours!

  • Simple transparent pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • No Debentures or Personal Guarantees
  • Complete your application in 5 minutes
  • Only pay for the Cash you need
  • Fund Invoices from £100 up

Why Clear Factor?

A revolutionary approach to providing businesses with essential cash flow. Clear Factor democratises invoice finance for businesses and investors alike.


  • Ease & manage cashflow issues
  • Small % fees
  • Fill the invoice finance funding gap for all sizes of business
  • Competitive minimums, no hidden fees or contractual binds


  • Central online platform
  • As simple as 3 clicks
  • Fully automated process


  • Invoice finance for all sizes of SME
  • Investment opportunities for individual investors as well as other businesses
How it works

Join The Fair Finance Revolution

Clear Factor for Funders

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